Maintains financial records for the Clerk of Court. Receives and distributes fines, fees, service charges and appearance bonds. Disburses payments for vendors, court registry, bond refunds, and child support/alimony.


Prepares and monitors the records on appeal from county court to circuit court and from county court / circuit court to the Fifth District Court of Appeals and the Florida Supreme Court.

Child Support

Provides assistance for enforcement, payments, payment history, and case record status maintenance for court ordered child support payments.

Circuit - Civil

Actions with a value greater than $50,000. Each case is brought by an individual or business, against another person or business.

County - Civil

Actions with a value up to and including $50,000.00.


Prepares and maintains the records of Court Felony, Misdemeanor, and Traffic Citations.


Assists the landlord and tenant in filing appropriate eviction complaint and answer forms, prepares cases, summons, and eviction writs as ordered by the Judge.


As a dynamic customer service organization our positions require a high level of customer service and computer savvy. The organization offers a variety of careers in court operations, recording, records management, administration, human resources, fiscal operations, and information technology.

Family Law

Files and processes matters arising from dissolution of marriage, annulment, paternity, child support, custodial care of or access to children, adoption, injunctions for protection, and all proceedings for modification, enforcement and civil contempt of these actions.


Judicial sales of real or personal property.

Home Solicitation Sale Permit

Accepts and processes applications for Home Solicitation Sale Permits.

Jury Service

Prepares and issues summons for Jury Duty, provides juror reporting information, and assists Jurors with excusals, exemptions, and compensation.


Maintains records of matters involving persons under the age of 18, including Delinquency, Dependency, Adoption, and Children/Families in Need of Services.


Assists in filing marriage applications, issuing licenses, performing marriage ceremonies, searching and providing copies of Marriage Records.

Mental Health

Assists families or individuals with issues of mental illness, alcohol or drug abuse, and aged or disabled persons being abused, neglected, or exploited.

Official Records/Recording

Records instruments as prescribed by law and makes them open to the public, under supervision of the Clerk, for the purpose of inspection and copying.


Assists in the processing of applications for new or renewal of the U.S. Passport Book or Passport Card required for all travel outside the U.S.

Probate & Guardianship

Files and maintains records relating to Probate and Guardianship matters.

Small Claims

Files and maintains records for civil claims up to $8,000.00, and provides general information preparing involved parties for Court.

Tax Deeds

Prepares and conducts tax deed sales in accordance with Florida Statutes in order to recover delinquent property taxes.

Tax Deeds/Lands Available

Prepares and Maintains a List of "Available Land For Taxes" in accordance with Florida Statutes.


Maintains records, fines and fees, and assist with Affidavits and general proceedings concerning Traffic Citations, Violations, and Infractions.