Prepares and monitors the records on appeal from county court to circuit court and from county court / circuit court to the Fifth District Court of Appeals and the Florida Supreme Court.


An appeal of a lower court decision is a legal process by which a higher court is asked to review the trial court’s record and rule on the legal issues raised by the appellant, the person filing the appeal. All other parties in the case are the appellees.

A Notice of Appeal must be filed with the Clerk within 30 days from the date the judgment or order being appealed is filed with the Clerk and must be in the form prescribed by Florida Rules of Court, Appellate Procedures, found in Rule 9.900.

There are no prepared forms for proceeding in the appeal, and the Clerk’s Office cannot help you prepare your documents. For information on how to file an appeal, you may contact an attorney or research the Florida Statutes and Florida Rules of Court. Both references are available in the law library. Appellants wishing to file an appeal without the assistance of an attorney should refer to the Florida Bar Pro Se Handbook.

Transcripts of Court Proceedings

Financial arrangements for payment of transcripts must be made with the court reporter’s office. The Clerk’s Office is not involved in this process.

Fees and Fines

Appeal from County to Circuit Court (one check to Clerk of Circuit Court) 281.00
Appeal to District Court of Appeals or the Florida Supreme Court: (Separate Checks)
    Fee to Clerk of Circuit Court 100.00
    Fee to Clerk of District Court of Appeal or Clerk of Florida Supreme Court 300.00
Cross Appeal, Notice of Joinder or Motion to Intervene as Appellant 295.00
Advance Deposit for Preparation of Record 100.00
Preparing, numbering and indexing original records of appellate proceedings, per instrument 3.50
Examining, comparing, correcting, verifying and certifying transcript of record in appellate proceedings prepared by someone other than the Clerk, per page 5.00
Attorney Appearance Pro Hac Vice 100.00