Online Public Records

System Scheduled Maintenance

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Database maintenance is scheduled every Saturday night starting 8pm until 9pm. Other maintenance may be scheduled and listed in news and public notices. Web Servers are restarted daily at 4am.

Inquiry Upgrade

The Clerk's office is pleased to announce the upgrade of our Public Inquiries, which will improve user experience, speed, and system reliability. During the transition period, we will offer access to both the upgraded inquiries and our current editions of public inquiries. The upgraded inquiries can be identified by locating the links containing the "New" indicator.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Public Notice

Effective immediately, pursuant to Supreme Court Administrative Order SC06-21, this office is prohibited from providing electronic access to a party's address or full date of birth contained in a court record or progress docket.

The latest implementation enforces browser security at Subscription Log In, Criminal Inquiry, and Image Viewing. We are aware of a certificate clash with a certificate issued for Please answer "YES", "OK", or "ALWAYS" when prompted. Thank you for your patience.

Case Information

Case searches are available for Circuit Civil, County Civil, Family Law and Probate case records and case events. To view specific, detailed case records use Case Inquiry searching with Name or Case Number data. To view general court schedules, case events for specific case types, officials or locations use the Case Information Event Inquiry. 

Daily reports are generated for new suits filed in Circuit and County cases. Daily files remain available for approximately 30 calendar days.

Weekly Foreclosure reports are also available for new foreclosure suits filed in Circuit and County cases. These reports remain available for approximately 30 calendar days.

Criminal Information

Criminal Arrest Information is available daily consisting of 24 Hour Arrest data of individuals arrested and booked into the Branch Jail during the previous 24 hours. This report contains a format key at the first record and consists of the initial booking, charge and violation information. Daily files remain available to download for approximately fourteen calendar days and viewable using basic text viewers.

Citation Information

Citation Violations Information for Volusia County is available from January 1, 1990 to the present. Records consist of detailed citation, statute information, violation status and account information for non-criminal traffic violations. Searches are generally performed using last name and first name, or citation identification.

Official Records

Official records consist of documents relating to property transactions (such as deeds and mortgages), court-ordered judgments (such as restitution for victims of crime), marriages, divorces, power of attorney and probate (wills and estates.) 

The Clerk of Circuit Court is pleased to offer Internet access to the Official Records of Volusia County. The Official Records includes the Index and images of recorded documents from April 4, 1988 to present. 

The records available on-line consist of records that have been recorded, imaged, indexed or verified for general public viewing. Please note there may be records that have been recorded, imaged and indexed but are not yet verified. Refer to the "Last Verified Instrument " number, date and time at the top of the Search screen for the final verified official record.

Tax Deeds

Tax Deed Information records consist of current properties available for sale at the next Courthouse Tax Deed Auction. Lands Available for Taxes lists current land where there are no bidders during Tax Deed Auctions.